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01. How far in advance do we need to book our Wedding?

Many bridal couples text me for their wedding a few months before their big day, but unfortunately it is already too late because the date is already booked. It’s best for me to inquire at least a year in advance. I always release my dates for weddings about 1.5 years in advance.

02. Can you hold us a date until we make a decision?

I can hold your appointment for a week. As soon as another request comes for your appointment, I will ask you again whether you would like me to be there or not.

03. How long do you recommend your work?

My reports start at six hours. Personally, I always recommend accompanying you for at least eight hours. That’s because the most important can be covered with it, depending on how you time your wedding. With a ten-hour reportage, you can take your time for everything, you definitely get getting ready pictures and a sunset shoot as well. From twelve hours you have everything guaranteed in any case. Also your first dance, the cutting of the cake and your party. So it depends on you what you want in your gallery. But we talk about all the details in the wedding talks before.

04. When do we have to pay you?

To complete the booking and secure the day, you pay a deposit. You will receive the final invoice with the remaining amount with your finished pictures a few weeks after the wedding.

05. What is included in our booked package?

Each package is different. In any case, your package includes: The photographic accompaniment at your wedding as well as the edited pictures, the wedding talk to get to know us, a wedding guide and a wedding box with prints and a stick with your gallery.

06. How many pictures do we get in the end?

This depends on both the package you are going to book and your wedding, as every wedding is different and offers more or less for the photographer, which is totally normal. But I can say in general for my offers: 6h coverage: 350+ digital images, 8h coverage: 400+ digital images and 10 hours: 600+ digital images.

07. Do you book yourself for more than one wedding a day?

More than one wedding a day? No freaking way. Never. Two weddings on one weekend are possible under certain circumstances, I have often done this successfully, but two weddings on one day are not possible, even with short accompaniments.

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