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Hey Friends!

You can find me at the beach in my blue jeans and white tee.
Sipping on a iced coffee from a tall glass with a straw on repeat.

I capture moments since forever. As a fourteen year old girl, I took my camera with me every day and during this time, i found my love for hopeless romantic photogaphy. I started capturing weddings in 2018. Since my first wedding i captured i knew, this is the one thing I want to do for my life so I worked more and more for my dream and now I am working as a full-time photographer since August 2022. I truly love the photography business with my whole heart and I pour my heart into every session and every wedding i capture.

My work is all about storytelling. It’s about capturing the real emotions of two people who are truly in love. It’s about the little moments and details, about your intimate connection. Being a part of your most intimate and magical moments of your life is a huge privilege for me. I am not there for capturing stiff posings but rather for documenting you in your most authentical ways.


marlena brinkmann
marlena brinkmann
marlena brinkmann

Mallorca stole my heart years ago. As the place to go on vacation for my family it will always remember me of freedom, good times, happiness and love. When me and my boyfriend went to this beautiful island in june 2022 together for the first time we knew, we want to live here. Six month later we moved into our first home on Mallorca. Since December 2022 i found myself being the happiest version of me since forever and I can’t tell you enough how much Mallorca inspires me to new projects.

The Ocean is one of my favourite places to capture intimate lovestories. Shootings here should feel like a romantic and playful beach date while the sun creates the most beautiful sunsets in the evening.

Listening to the sound of the waves brings so many raw emotions into the sessions. I can’t wait for all the individual lovestories I am able to capture here.


01. What is currently on your Netflix watch list?

True Crime & Romcom'

02. How do you take your coffee?

Always as an Iced Vanilla Latte

03. What is your favourite morning routine?

Breakfast at the beach

04. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Mallorca is my favourite place

05. What is your favourite social platform?

Definetly Instagram

06. What is your superpower?

Making Surprises + good orientation


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